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A single ant colony can house 10,000 + ants. We don't mask the problem... we get to the source and Fix the problem!


Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers?? We've got you covered!!


Spiders carry toxic, necrotic and even lethal venom. Keep your family safe with our WEB-FREE Guarantee!!


Rats, Mice, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes... have they moved in and you just wish they'd move out? Let Staker Extermination give them their notice to vacate!!



We use top of the line, environmentally safe, EPA tested and approved product! We're committed to protecting your home, family, pets and the environment!


Our board certified technicians will inspect your home and create a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan specific to your needs.


Home of the WEB-FREE guarantee! Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction!!

  • We're Serious About Extermination!!!
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  • We're Serious About Extermination!!!
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  • We're Serious About Extermination!!!
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  • Custom for our Customers
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  • We're Serious About Extermination!!!
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  • We're Serious About Extermination!!!
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  • We never spot treat!!
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  • We never spot treat!!
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Customers Love Our Service!


"They we're very friendly and professional. They went over and above making sure everything was taken care of. Other companies that I have used in the past were not as detailed. They remove spider webs from eves and window wells with brushes., remove spider egg sacs and give consults on your spiders."


"We had a lot of spiders at our house that we wanted taken care of! They were kind and instructional; they let us know the extent of the issue and how they could fix it. They helped us lay a few bags of fresh mulch so they could spray it as well. Jessica and Daniel were great to work with and we will definitely be recommending them to our friends."


"An old house that needed a lot of bug attention. We thought we just had little sugar ants. Staker (Jessica and Daniel) found black widow spiders and other creatures we didn't know we had! Science and professionalism back this professional couple! SO pleasant to work with. Will recommend HIGHLY"


"I mainly had a spider, ants, wasps (Black Widows for spiders too) infestation. Staker came and were nice, courteous, answered all my questions and were professional. I will definitely hire them again and would recommend them greatly!"

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